African Journal of Aquatic Science

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Algae, phytoplankton and eutrophication research and management in South Africa: past, present and future

CE van Ginkel


A brief history of South African research on and management of algae-, phytoplankton- and eutrophication-related problems is presented, including their ecological, social and economic impacts, which provides a basis for formulation of future research needs. The contributions of southern African research on different groups of algae and cyanobacteria are discussed. The role of algal and phytoplankton research and the focus shift to cyanobacteria, because of eutrophication in South African aquatic systems, are highlighted, which indicates the different modelling and management methods that have been used and tested. Recommendations are made for future research.

Keywords: aquatic systems, blooms, blue-green algae, cyanobacteria, ecological, history, limnology

African Journal of Aquatic Science 2012, 37(1): 17–25
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