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Effects of crude polysaccharides from Purslane on fatigue induced by forced swimming

C Xiang, Z Xiaowei, L Xiaojuan, H Yong, Z Guohai, G Xueqi, Q Jin, P Yuexian, Y Yongping


The objective of this study was to investigate the effects of crude polysaccharides from Purslane (PFP) supplementation on fatigue induced by forced swimming in mice. 96 mice were divided randomly into four groups: Control group (CG), low-dose PFP supplemented group (PFP-LG), middle-dose PFP supplemented group (PFP-MG) and high-dose PFP supplemented group (PFP-HG). Each group contains 24 animals. All were administered orally and daily for 4 weeks. Control group received isotonic saline solution (50 ml/kg bodyweight); and supplemented groups orally obtained 100, 200 and 400 mg/kg bodyweight of PFP in appropriate volumes of physiological saline. Changes of the body weights of the mice were observed during initial and terminal stages of the experiment along with the swimming capacity and corresponding biochemical parameters including blood lactic acid (BLA), serum urea nitrogen (SUN) and hepatic glycogen. The results of this study showed that PFP supplementation could extend the swimming time to exhaustion of the mice, as well as increase the hepatic glycogen contents, while decreasing the BLA and SUN contents. These indicated that PFP could alleviate fatigue induced by forced swimming in mice.

Key words: Crude polysaccharides from Purslane, fatigue, forced swimming, mice.
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