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Determination of forage escape protein value with in situ and enzyme techniques

M Seker, A Can


This study was carried out to compare in situ and in vitro enzyme techniques for determining estimates of forage escape proteins. Eight forages (vetch hay, wheat silage, corn silage, wheat hay, grass hay, lentil straw, triticale hay and alfalfa hay) were used as feed materials. During 70 h, incubation with enzyme method had similar escape protein values for vetch hay, wheat hay, grass hay, triticale hay and corn silage with in situ methods (P>0.05). On the contrary, enzyme method failed to estimate escape protein values of wheat silage, lentil straw and alfalfa hay comparison with in situ values at all the incubation times. Further research is required to improve in vitro enzyme technique for determining accurate escape protein estimates of forages.

Key words: In situ and in vitro techniques, escape protein, enzyme, forages.
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