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Chemical composition and anti-bacterial activity of essential oil from Cedrela sinensis (A. Juss.) Roem. seed

Q Lin, M Li, R Zhou, Y Liu


This work assesses the chemical compositions and in vitro anti-bacterial activities of seed essential oil from Cedrela sinesis (A. Juss.) Roem. seed. which has abundant mineral elements such as K, Ca, Fe. The fatty acid profiles of seed essential oil are characterized by considerable unsaturated fatty acids (90.39%) including linoleic acid (56.81%), linolenic acid (17.63%) and oleic acid (15.95%). Gas chromatography-mass spectrophotometry (GC-MS) analyses show that major components comprising 62.7% of the oil are 1,6-cyclodecadiene (42.64%), 9,17-octadecadienal (13.72%), and Z,E-2,13- octadecadien-1-ol (6.32%). Squalene (1.94%) is detected in this seed oil for the first time. The inhibition zone diameters and minimal inhibition concentrations (MIC) against four tested bacteria are in the ranges of 17 to 23 mm and 192 to 390 μg/mL, respectively. The effects of pH and temperature on the anti-bacterial activities of essential oil show no significant difference.

Key words: Cedrela sinesis (A. Juss.) Roem. seed, chemical composition, essential oil, GC-MS, anti-bacterial activity.
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