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Theoretical evaluations of electro-manipulation from Jurkat T cells exposed to pulsed electric fields (PEFs) with different time durations

M Wu, H Yang, B Teng, Y Lei, X Zheng, M Zhang, Y Li, C Ruan


The multilayer dielectric sphere model (MDSM) was used to analyze responses of Jurkat T cells to pulsed electric fields (PEFs). The dependence of voltages across nuclear plasma, nuclear envelope, cytoplasm and plasma membrane on different time durations of PEFs was calculated by employing the inverse laplace transformation (ILT) in time domain with Maple software. Cytochrome C release was considered as a secondary effect of PEFs when mitochondria substructures were taken into account. It is proposed that two-step process of Cytochrome C release can be realized by bioelectric impulse effect on mitochondria.

Keywords: Laplace transformation, Jurkat T, pulsed electric fields (PEFS), cytochrome C.
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