Partial fat and sugar replacement with soy milk, inulin and sucralose on quality of Thai Pandanus custard

  • A Choonhahirun
  • A Akesowan
Keywords: Soy milk, Pandanus, sucralose, inulin, custard samples.


Thai Pandanus custard samples replaced with coconut milk, and sugar with soy milk, inulin and sucralose, were compared with quality characteristics of the regular formulation (control). With increasing levels of coconut milk replacement, the product pH and redness increased, whereas there was no significant difference in water activity. As 1/3 or 2/3 coconut milk replacement with soy milk were applied with no significant effect of inulin levels used (2.5 and 5%), custard samples with complete reduction of sugar with sucralose were rated in lower scores of all sensory attributes, with lack of a product-typical taste and texture. The Pandanus custard was replaced with 1/3 coconut milk and soy milk, 5% added inulin and 50% sugar replacement with sucralose presented desirable sensory characteristics in relation to the regular formulation; however, as frequency distribution of sensory scores was considered, some attributes such as taste, flavor and texture need to be improved in order to meet a high acceptable level. The product had about 20.7% reduction in energy and was pale in color throughout the storage time at 4 „b 2oXC for 3 weeks, whereas the microbiological safe was about a week of storage.

Key words: Soy milk, Pandanus, sucralose, inulin, custard samples.


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eISSN: 1684-5315