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Comparative study on calcium, magnesium and cobalt in diabetic and non diabetic patients (males) in Punjab, Pakistan

A Anjum, M Yousaf, M Zuber, HB Ahmad, AF Zahoor, ZI Khan, K Ahmad, S Naheed, KG Ali, A Jabbar, TH Bukhari, S Hina, S Ahmad, MK Mukhtar, M Arshad, A Hussain


Minerals are very important because of their important role in the maintenance of human health. Our study was aimed at assessing and comparing the levels of Ca, Mg and Co in the blood samples of diabetic and non diabetic persons (males) of five age groups between one and 75 years. For this purpose, fasting blood samples of diabetic and non diabetic males of selected age groups were collected. The blood samples were centrifuged to get serum. The mineral elements in the serum were analyzed by using atomic absorption spectrophotometer. The results depicted that the diabetic patients had higher mean concentration of Ca (141.47 ppm), Mg (18 ppm) and Co (0.057 ppm) while non diabetic persons had higher mean concentration of Ca (201.33 ppm), Mg (36.15 ppm) and Co (0.047 ppm). Statistical analysis was done by applying Student’s T-test. It can be concluded from the study that the diabetic patients of all five age groups are deficient of Ca, Mg, whereas the concentration of Co is higher in diabetic patients. In the further study physiological parameters along with other inorganic cofactors are being taken into consideration.

Key words: Diabetes mellitus, blood serum, Ca, Mg, Co.

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