Fish milt quality and major factors influencing the milt quality parameters: A review

  • S Hajirezaee
  • BM Amiri
  • A Mirvaghefi
Keywords: Fish production, milt quality, artificial fertilization


In commercial fish production, the evaluation of milt quality is essential in order to increase the efficiency of artificial fertilization. Numerous studies have demonstrated that qualitative parameters of milt (i.e. seminal fluid composition, spermatozoa motility and sperm production) could be influence by several factors including biological characteristics of brooders (age, weight and length), rearing conditions of brooders (temperature, photoperiod, nourishment, undesirable components and animal welfare and health), artificial induction of spawning, spawning season (repeated milt collection and spermiation time) and post stripping factors (chemical properties of diluents and short-term and long-term storage of milt). In the present paper, we review the roles of these factors on quality of milt fish. On the whole understanding of the factors that affect milt quality could be useful for adjustment and efficient management of these factors in order to obtain good milt for fertilization.

Keywords: Fish production, milt quality, artificial fertilization


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eISSN: 1684-5315