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Analysis of combining ability and heredity parameters of glucosinolates in Chinese kale

G-J Chen, Y Si, B-H Cao, E-Y Feng, J-J Lei


The study was carried out with six Chinese kale lines as materials. Complete diallel crossing was designed with 6 × 6 to calculate the combining ability and the main genetic parameters. The results are as follows: The GCA effect of P1, P2 and P5 was excellent. They were used as parants to get hybrids, the heterosis of anti-cancer glucosinolates of their hybrid was very high. By analyzing the SCA effects, 1 × 2 was an outstanding hybrid. The broad sense heritability of the main GSs were relatively higher, and the narrow sense heritability were lower, so the potential of heterosis was bigger.

Keywords: Chinese kale, glucosinolate, combining ability, heritability, heterosis

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