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An efficient and rapid method for protein detection with an example of sulfide-quinone reductase expressed in Escherichia coli

Yan-fen He, Ai-ling Zhang, Jia-qi Li


Conventional Coomassie brilliant blue (CBB) staining is widely used in protein detection as it is inexpensive and reproducible. Conversely, it is also very time-consuming and cumbersome. In this study, CBB(R-250)-microwaved-water (CMW) was used to detect the sulfide-quinone reductase (SQR) protein expressed in Esherichia coli by staining and destaining in under 30 min. The CMW method has similar detection capabilities as the conventional CBB method. However, compared with the CBB protocol, it did not produce pungent odors, and was more efficient and rapid, which saved more than 4 to 10 h. This method is an acceptable alternative for the preliminary detection of protein expression.

Key words: CMW method, Coomassie brilliant blue (R-250), sulfide-quinone reductase, microwave irradiation, tap water.
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