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Antifungal activity of methanolic extracts of four Algerian marine algae species

K Saidani, F Bedjou, F Benabdesselam, N Touati


Since ancient times antimicrobial properties of seaweeds have been recognized. In this study, antifungal activity of four species of marine algae of Bejaia coast (Algeria) was explored. This activity was evaluated by agar diffusion method. The minimum inhibitory concentrations were also determined for all the strains. All the extracts used in this study exhibited antifungal activity. The highest inhibiting effect was noted for Rhodomela confervoides (red algae) and Padina pavonica (brown algae), respectively against Candida albicans (diameter of inhibition zone: 24 mm) and Mucor ramaniannus (diameter of inhibition zone: 26 mm) for the first one and Candida albicans (diameter of inhibition zone: 26 mm) for the second one. Aspergillus niger showed resistance against majority of methanolic extracts. The evaluation of minimum inhibitory concentrations showed that extracts of Padina pavonica, Rhodomela confervoides and Ulva lactuca were very efficient against Mucor ramaniannus and Candida albicans. These results suggest that seaweeds collected from Algerian coast present a significant capacity which makes them interesting for screening for natural products.

Key words: Marine algae, antifungal activity, methanolic extracts, natural substances.
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