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Effect of hormone treatments on deformed fruit development in pear

Xiaoming Chen, Jianping Bao, Yiting Chen, Ting Chen, Changhe Zhang, Xinzhong Huang


Fruit shape is one of the most important limiting factors in the quality of pear fruits. The effects of applied plant growth regulators on fruit shape have been determined in pear. The application of naphthalene acetic acid (NAA, 20 mg/L), indole-3-butyric acid (IBA, 30 mg/L), 6-benzalyamino acid (6-BA, 30 mg/L), cleaner production promotion unit (CPPU, 10 mg/L), gibberrelin (GA4+7, 3%) and gibberrelic acid (GA3, 2.7%) at the young fruit period enhanced fruit growth, improved final fruit size, and decreased the occurrence of deformed fruit. CPPU and 6-BA significantly enhanced the growth of horizontal diameter, while GA3 and GA4+7 stimulated fruit vertical diameter that tend to grow more apparently.

Keywords: Plant growth regulators, deformed fruit, pear
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