Distribution of protein components of wheat from different regions

  • Haiying Tao
  • Jianjun Ma
  • Chunlin Liu
  • Wei You
  • Mingkui Yan
  • Bujun Wang
Keywords: Wheat, protein components, different regions, distribution


The distribution of wheat protein components in different regions was researched to provide a theoretical basis on variety selection, quality improvement and food processing. 146 varieties from eight regions were collected to measure contents of protein components (albumin, globulin, gliadin and glutenin) in different regions for the distribution. The largest variation coefficient occurred in contents of globulin, followed by those of gliadin and albumin, while the contents of glutenin varied with the smallest range. The contents of all protein components belonged to normal distribution. It was discovered that the contents of albumin and globulin skewed towards the high value, while glutenin content skewed towards the low value. Differences on the contents of protein components existed in samples from different regions; the regional distribution of four protein components is: the northern region > the southern region > the western region > the eastern region. The contents of protein components of Yannong 19 in different regions were determined, the results displayed that the distributions of four protein components showed the same trends, although the highest contents occurred in Shanxi as compared to the other three regions (Shandong, Jiangsu and An’hui), and there were little differences among them. Geographical conditions can affect the protein components of wheat, and gliadin and glutenin content can affect wheat quality, so we can designate areas where wheat contains more gliadin and glutenin as our high-quality wheat producing areas, of which Shaanxi is a better choice.

Keywords: Wheat, protein components, different regions, distribution


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eISSN: 1684-5315