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Comparative study of biological activity of glutathione, sodium tungstate and glutathione-tungstate mixture

Arshad Farid, Abdul Haleem Shah, Muhammad Ayaz, Adnan Amin, Muhammad Yaseen, Hafeez Ullah, Fazal Haq


Glutathione (GSH) and sodium tungstate (Na2WO4) are important pharmacological agents. They provide protection to cells against cytotoxic agents and thus reduce their cytotoxicity. It was of interest to study the biological activity of these two pharmacological active agents. Different strains of bacteria were used and the zone of inhibition was determined for GSH, Na2WO4 and GSH+ Na2WO4 mixture. The results show high antibacterial activity of GSH as compared to Na2WO4 and Na2WO4+GSH mixture. It was observed that GSH antibacterial activity was significantly lowered upon addition of Na2WO4 to GSH aqueous solution. The results conclude with the proposed formation of W-SG complex in aqueous solution.

Key words: Glutathione, sodium tungstate, antibacterial activity, strains of bacteria.
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