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Rubisco-bis-phosphate oxygenase (<i>RuBP</i>)- A potential housekeeping gene for qPCR assays in tea

Bornali Gohain
Tirthankar Bandyopadhyay
Priyadarshini Bhorali
Sangeeta Borchetia
Raju Bharalee
Sushmita Gupta
Niraj Agarwala
Neelakshi Bhattacharyya
Ranjit Singh
Prasenjit Bhagawati
Parveen Ahmed
MC Kalita
Sudripta Das


The present experiment is an effort to find a stable reference gene in Camellia sinensis and Camellia assamica under different biotic and abiotic stresses. This study evaluate the variation in gene expression across tea leaf tissues in nine experiments. The suitability of 18S rRNA, 26S rRNA, rubiscobis- phosphatase oxygenase (RuBP) and Camellia tubulin (CaT) as reference genes were validated by geNorm and BestKeeper programs. The finding reveals 18S rRNA and RuBP to be the most stably expressed housekeeping genes, the latter being the first report of its kind in tea. The finding paves the way for their application in accurate quantification of trait specific gene expression and other genomic studies in tea.

Keywords: Camellia sinensis, Camellia assamica, qPCR, BestKeeper, geNorm, housekeeping gene