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Effect of exogenous gibberellic acid on germination, seedling growth and phosphatase activities in Lettuce under salt stress

Nawel Nasri, Hela Mahmoudi, Olfa Baatour, Sabah M’rah, Rym Kaddour, Mokhtar Lachâal


The effect of gibberellic acid on germination and seedling growth of lettuce variety, Vista, under salinity conditions was studied. A reduction in germination percentage, roots and shoots length and fresh weight were observed under salt stress. At the same time, acid phosphatase and phytase activities in roots were reduced by NaCl. The exogenous application of gibberellin increased germination percentage and improved length and fresh weight of roots and shoots under salt treatment. It also increased both acid phosphatase and phytase activities in roots under this constraint. The application of gibberellic acid compensated for the negative effect of salinity.

Keywords: Acid phosphatase, germination, gibberellic acid, lettuce, phytase, salinity, seedling growth

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