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Efficient utilization of xylanase and lipase producing thermophilic marine actinomycetes (<i>Streptomyces albus</i> and <i>Streptomyces hygroscopicus</i>) in the production of ecofriendly alternative energy from waste

B Sathya Priya
T Stalin
K Selvam


The marine actinomycetes strain MAC 6 and MAC 14 were used in the production of xylanase and lipase enzyme using wheat bran as an inducer with oats, soy meal and ground nut oil cake. Two strains showed higher xylanase and lipase activity at pH 10.0 and 50°C among 30 actinomycetes screened from sediments of Tiruchendhur coastal areas of Tamil Nadu. The enzymes were produced by solid state fermentation by using 70% of moisture content. More biogas production was observed in oil cake and straw waste with the pretreatment of xylanase and lipase producing strains within short hydraulic retention time.

Key words: Biogas, groundnut oilcake, lipase, marine actinomycete, rice straw, solid state fermentation, thermophilic, wheat bran, xylanase.