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Composition of raw cow milk and artisanal yoghurt collected in Maroua (Cameroon)

PONKA Roger, BEAUCHER Eric, FOKOU Elie, KANSCI Germain, PIOT Michel, LEONIL Joëlle, GAUCHERON Frédéric


The composition of milk is of most importance to the dairy industry and human health. This study was conducted to provide data on the composition of raw cow milk and artisanal yoghurt collected in Maroua (Cameroon). Milk and yoghurt samples were collected from 11 breeding sites and 12 producers in the city of Maroua, respectively. The following parameters were determined: pH, dry matter, ash, fat, lactose, total protein, non-casein nitrogen (NCN), non-protein nitrogen (NPN), true protein, whey protein, casein, amino acid composition, α-lactalbumin, β-lactoglobulin, αS1-casein, αS2-casein, β- casein, κ-casein and mineral composition. The results showed that, the composition of the milk and yoghurt varied from one sample to another. The chemical composition of some of the milk and yoghurt studied differed from the corresponding samples in previous studies. For example the mean pH of the raw cow milk (6.25) and artisanal yoghurt (3.84) were lower. The mean NPN levels of the cow milk and yoghurt (0.21g/100g) were higher. The mean fat content of milk (4.48 g/100 g) was higher. The protein fraction was lower in yoghurt while Fe, Cu and Mn levels were lower in both cow milk and yoghurt. The data reported in this paper would be helpful in dairy technology and public health.

Key words: Composition, cow milk, artisanal yoghurt, Maroua, Cameroon.

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