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Transgenic plants as green factories for vaccine production

B. Vinod Kumar, T. K. Raja, M. R. Wani, S. A. Sheikh, M. A. Lone, Gowher Nabi, M. M. Azooz, Muhammad Younis, Maryam Sarwat, Parvaiz Ahmad


Edible vaccine technology represents an alternative to fermentation based vaccine production system. Transgenic plants are used for the production of plant derived specific vaccines with native immunogenic properties stimulating both humoral and mucosal immune responses. Keeping in view the practical need of new technology for production and delivery of inexpensive vaccines, especially in developing world, plant derived edible vaccines is the best option in hand to combat infectious diseases. Plant derived vaccine is easy to administer, cost effective, readily acceptable, have increased safety, stability, versatility and efficacy. Several plant derived vaccines are under research, some are under clinical trials for commercial use. Like most  biotechnology products, the IP situation for edible vaccines is complex as IP rights influence every stage of vaccine development.

Keywords: Transgenic plants, edible vaccines, chimeric viruses, bacterial diseases, viral diseases.
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