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Development of a method for the mineralization of coffee husk (<i>Coffea canephora</i> P.) to obtain raw material for soap factories

Mounjouenpou Pauline
Ntoupka Mama
Fallo Justin


Every year, large quantities of husk resulting from the dry method of treatment of robusta coffee are dumped into nature. This generates multiple harmful ecological effects. The downward trend of coffee prices and the rise in the cost of manure has urged coffee farmers to better exploit the by-products of coffee transformation. Thus, a test for the mineralization of coffee husk to obtain soap factory raw material was carried out in the coffee – cocoa technology laboratory at Nkolbisson in Cameroon. To start and improve combustion, three types of fuel namely; cocoa husk, palm bunches and palm nut cake was used. After 16 h of combustion, the highest rate of mineralization was obtained with the palm nut cake (86%) followed by cocoa husk (55%) and the palm bunches (43.4%).This first result turns out to be interesting for further research.

Key words: Coffee husk of coffee, mineralisation, fuel.

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eISSN: 1684-5315