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DsRed gene expression by doxycycline in porcine fibroblasts and cloned embryos using transposon

SuJin Kim, JoonHo Moon, BegoRoibas da Torre, Islam M Saadeldin, JungTaek Kang, JiYei Choi, SolJi Park, Byeong-Chun Lee, Goo Jang Goo Jang


To develop a transgenic pig, introduction of foreign genes into fibroblasts is required. In this study, Piggybac transposition was used to produce tetracycline dependent gene expressing cloned embryos. Red fluorescence proteins (DsRed) combined with tetracycline promoter flanked transposon sequences were transfected into fetal fibroblasts, and the transfected cells were used as the donor for somatic cell nuclear transfer. Induction of DsRed expression was successfully controlled by doxycycline treatment in donor fibroblasts and early stage embryos. In conclusion, this study suggested that Piggybac transposition could deliver genes into cells or embryos for developing transgenic pig.

Keywords: Miniature pigs, transfection, Piggybac, somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT), RFP

African Journal of Biotechnology Vol. 12(21), pp. 3188-3190

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