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Ramadan fasting influences on food intake consumption, sleep schedule, body weight and some plasma parameters in healthy fasting volunteers

F Haouari-Oukerro, M Ben-Attia, N Kaâbachi, M Haouari


This study examines the changes in the lifestyle that accompanied Ramadan fasting. For this purpose, we followed the questionnaire programming meals, food consumption and sleep rhythm. We also followed changes in plasma biological parameters. The results show that daily energy consumption was not changed and neither was the body weight. Nevertheless, a decrease in fat mass was detected. Concerning plasma, we found a decrease in blood glucose from the 7th day of fasting. This effect was found also at the 21st day, accompanied by a reduction in insulin levels. Our results on plasma lipids showed a decrease in triglycerides with total cholesterol level unchanged. Furthermore, we noted an increased HDL-C against a decreased LDL-C fraction. Taken together, these results suggest that fasting may induce beneficial effects in blood lipid concentrations.

Keywords: Ramadan fasting, food intake consumption, sleep schedule, body weight, plasma parameters, healthy fasting volunteers

African Journal of Biotechnology Vol. 12(21), pp. 3327-3332

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