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Genome-wide identification, functional analysis and expression profiling of pleiotropic drug resistance (PDR) sub-family in potato

Jianlong Ou, Zhenlin Huang, Yujia Zhao, Lin Huang


The plant pleiotropic drug resistance (PDR) family of ATP-binding cassette (ABC) transporters has comprehensively been researched in relation to transport of antifungal agents and resistant pathogens. In our study, analyses of the whole family of PDR genes present in the potato genome were provided. This analysis resolves discrepancies of potato PDR proteins and provides an expression analysis of all annotated potato PDR genes based on RNA-seq data. The results indicate that the potato genome contains 76 encoding PDR proteins and that these genes show a specific expression patterns, both at the organ level and in response to various hormonal treatment. These data provide some clues for future molecular genetic analysis of this important subfamily of ABC transporters. In addition, potato PDR genes may also play some important roles in the transportation of antifungal agents and resistant pathogens.

Keywords: ABC transporter, potato, pleiotropic drug resistance (PDR), RNA-seq.

African Journal of Biotechnology Vol. 12(30), pp. 4722-4729
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