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Feasibility of cheese production and whey valorization in the Adamawa Province of Cameroon

Y Jiokap Nono, D G Libouga, D Ngongang, J P Ramet, M Parmentier


Problems associated with perishability and distribution of local milk and milk products by small-scale producers in the Adamawa province of Cameroon, justified development of an easy process for producing pressed-dough cheese and flavoured whey. Production from raw milk was technically profitable with mean cheese and flavoured whey yields of 8.9 and 85,6% (w/w), respectively. The cheese and whey comprise 50 and 45.7 % (w/w), respectively, of the milk initial dry matter and were highly appreciated by about 90% of panellists. The profitability of a small-scale production unit was established based on 562 kg of treated milk per month. An initial investment of about US $6,205 generates a monthly profit margin of US $237, which gives a profit of 45.8%.

Key words: Adamawa, milk, cheese, whey, feasibility, profitability.

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