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Basal metabolic regulatory responses and rhythmic activity of mammalian heart to aqueous kola nut extracts

LO Chukwu, WO Odiete, LS Briggs


Preliminary investigation on the effect of aqueous extracts of three species of kola nut; Cola acuminata (P. Beav), C. nitida subsp. rubra and C. nitida subsp. alba (Vent), on the rhythmic activity of mammalian heart and metabolic rate was carried out using male albino rats, Rattus sp. Low concentrations of kola nut extract stimulated the heart by increasing rate and force of contraction as well as metabolic rate. Higher concentrations reduced rate and amplitude of beat resulting, at still higher concentrations in heart failure.

Keywords: Kolanut, extract, basal metabolic rate, mammalian heart

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