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Mathematical modeling of fructose production by immobilised glucose isomerase as a function of temperature and pH variations

N Abd. Rahman, MA Hussain, M Hasan, J Md. Jahim


Production of fructose from glucose isomerisation process using commercial immobilized glucose isomerase (IGI) was conducted in a batch type of stirred tank bioreactor. A mathematical model was developed to describe the effect of temperature and pH on the kinetic parameters of fructose production. Modified Santos model known as MM3 was used to describe this phenomenon. The influence of temperature and pH was investigated and quantified. The results showed that, even though the highest R2 was at 70°C but based on the IAE of 0.843 and ISE of 0.978, it proved that for enzymatic reaction, it should be carried out below 65°C. Effect of pH for various models have shown that, the IAE and ISE were less than one whereas the R2 were greater than 0.95. This indicates that the model, MM3 is acceptable.

Keywords: Batch reactor, fructose, glucose isomerisation, mathematical modeling, pH, temperature
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