DNA damage and decrease of cellular oxidase activity in piglet sertoli cells exposed to gossypol

  • Ming Zhang
  • Hui Yuan
  • Zuping He
  • Liyun Yuan
  • Jine Yi
  • Sijun Deng
  • Li Zhu
  • Chengzhi Guo
  • Yin Lu
  • Jing Wu
  • Lixin Wen
  • Qiang Wei
  • Liqun Xue
Keywords: Gossypol, sertoli cells, oxidase, DNA damage


The study was designated to explore the toxic effects of gossypol on piglet sertoli cells. Sertoli cells were isolated from piglet testes using a two-step enzyme digestion and followed by differential plating. Piglet sertoli cells were cultured and classified into five groups, that is, group A, the control without gossypol, group B with 2.5 μg/ml gossypol, group C with 5 μg/ml gossypol, group D with 10 μg/ml gossypol and group E with 20 μg/ml gossypol. We found that sertoli cells’ growth was inhibited by gossypol at dose 2.5 μg/ml when compared with the control group. The oxidase activity of sertoli cell also decreased at 2.5 μg/m gossypol. Moreover, DNA damage of sertoli cells was observed at 5 μg/ml gossypol. Putting this into consideration, our study suggests that exposure of gossypol to sertoli cells leads to an inhibition of sertoli cell growth and oxidase activity of sertoli cells at a low concentration, whereas gossypol results in DNA damage of sertoli cells at a higher concentration.

Keywords: Gossypol, sertoli cells, oxidase, DNA damage


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eISSN: 1684-5315