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Effect of storage on the physicochemical characteristics of the mango (Mangifera indica L.) variety, Langra

Muhammad Shahnawz, Saghir Ahmed Sheikh, Shahzor Gul Khaskheli


This study was carried out to evaluate “the effect of storage on the physicochemical composition of mango”. The experiment involved determination of the physicochemical compositions of moisture, total soluble solid (TSS), acidity, total sugar, reducing sugar, non reducing sugar, crude fat and ash. Washed mangoes were stored either at room temperature (25 ± 4°C) or storage temperature (4 ± 1°C) to determine their storage life. The results were statistically highly significant among all the observations at probability level of (P<0.01). Results indicate that increase in storage time increases the chemical compositions in the stored mangoes, except for acidity and fat that were decreased with the increase of storage time. Besides, refrigerator temperature increases shelf life of the stored mangoes than room temperature.

Key words: Mango, Langra, storage conditions, chemical compositions.
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