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Functional properties of milk drinks flavored with mangaba pulp and enriched with passion fruit bark flour

Lígia Campos de Moura, Marco Antônio Pereira da Silva, Geovana Rocha Plácido, Márcio Caliari, Diene Gonçalves Souza, Jéssica Leal Freitas e Souza, Juliana Aparecida Célia, Kênia Borges de Oliveira, Karen Martins Leão, Luiz Eduardo Costa do Nascimento


Dairy foods including dairy based drinks play an important role in human nutrition. The flour of the passion fruit peel has high potential for use in the enrichment dairy drinks improving the nutritional and technological qualities besides an alternative to reduce waste by-products in the food industry. Thus, this study aimed to evaluate the physical and chemical parameters, texture, color, chemical composition, scanning electron microscopy (SEM), phenolic compounds, antioxidant, viability of lactic bacteria and sensory profile of milk drinks added mangaba pulp and passion fruit peel flour of the (FPFP). Four milk drinks formulations were processed with concentrations of 5; 10; 15 and 20% mangaba pulp and 1% of passion fruit peel flour. The dairy beverages showed results physical and chemical, microbiological and sensory consistent with those described in the literature and as expected, with a high sensory acceptability of milk drinks with increased by 10% mangaba pulp.

Keywords: Color, fermented milk, scanning electron microscopy (SEM), viability
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