Perennial soybean seeds coated with high doses of boron and zinc

  • Amanda Justino Acha
  • Henrique Duarte Vieira
  • Marta Simone Mendonça Freitas
Keywords: Micronutrients, coater, soybean, seeds.


The objective of this work was to study combinations of high doses of boron (B) and zinc (Zn) in the recoating of perennial soybean seeds, in order to provide these nutrients to the future plants. The physical, physiological and nutritional characteristics of the coated seeds and initial development of plants in a greenhouse were evaluated. Tests carried out in the laboratory were conducted in a completely randomized design, and the experiments completed in a greenhouse were a randomized block design. The coating with the dose 0.8 kg of H3BO3 + 0.8 kg of ZnSO4. kg-¹ of seeds provides the best quality coating. The combination of B and Zn in seed coating reduces the production of shoot dry matter, while the other treatments do not affect the growth variables of the plants. Plants absorb and accumulate the micronutrients added to the coating of the seeds.

Key words: Micronutrients, coater, soybean, seeds.


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eISSN: 1684-5315