A review of cashew (Anacardiumoccidentale L.) apple: Effects of processing techniques, properties and quality of juice

  • Emmanuelle Dedehou
  • Joseph Dossou
  • Victor Anihouvi
  • Mohamed M Soumanou
Keywords: Cashew apple, physico-chemical, processing, juice quality, storage


A review including the processing techniques, properties and uses of cashew apple juice is reported. Cashew apple has multi-purpose; it can be processed to obtain human food. The process of cashew apple into several by-products can affect its nutritional, microbiological, and sensorial quality attributes. Therefore, clarification methods, thermal treatment and high hydrostatic pressure modify nutritional, microbiological, and sensorial attributes of cashew apple products. Moreover, the storage stability of cashew apple juice depends on the preservative methods used. Cashew apple is usually used in the fortification of the nutritional quality of some tropical foods,because of its high percentage of vitamin C. Cashew apple juice has great potential for bioprocess to obtain fermented products. Cashew apple contains phenolic compounds generally related to antioxidant. The valorization of cashew apples in developing countries by the improvement of the process of cashew apples available in these countries can contribute to cover the nutritional needs of the populations.

Key words: Cashew apple, physico-chemical, processing, juice quality, storage.


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eISSN: 1684-5315