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Saccharification of banana agro-waste by cellulolytic enzymes

MMV Baig, MLB Baig, MIA Baig, Majeda Yasmeen


Banana is major cash crop of this region generating vast agricultural waste after harvest. The agro-waste including dried leaves and psuedostem after harvest was used as substrate for the release of sugars. Saccharification of banana agro waste by cellulases of Trichoderma lignorum was investigated. The steam treated agro-waste yielded 1.34 mg/ml of reducing sugars after 24 hr. The size of substrate affected saccharification where the smaller size (<120 µ) yield more sugars. Maximum sugars were released at pH 6.0 whereas 40°C was the optimum temperature. Thus, under these conditions the agro waste left behind for natural degradation can be utilized affectively to yield fermentable sugars which can be converted into other substances like alcohol.
Key Words: Banana agrowaste, Trichoderma lignorum, cellulases, saccharification.
African Journal of Biotechnology Vol.3(9) 2004: 447-450
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