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Bioremediation of oil-polluted soil by Lentinus subnudus, a Nigerian white-rot fungus

C O Adenipekun, I O Fasidi


Inspite of the realization and studies on the use of microorganisms in degrading hydrocarbons there has been very little work on indigenous white-rot fungi in Nigeria, a leading oil – producing country. the ability of Lentinus subnudus to mineralize soil contaminated with various concentrations of crude oil was tested. Organic matter and carbon were higher than the control at all concentrations of crude oil contamination in soils inoculated with L. subnudus for 3 months. Nutrient contents were generally higher after 6 months of incubations except potassium levels which were not significantly different from the control. As for the total petroleum hydrocarbon (tph) in crude – oil contaminated soils; the highest rate of biodegradation was at 20% concentration after 3 months and 40% after 6 months of incubation.

Key words: bioremediation, crude oil, total petroleum hydrocarbon oil-polluted soil, Lentinus subnudus
African Journal of Biotechnology Vol. 4 (8), pp. 796-798

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