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Chemical and sensory attributes of soy-corn milk types



Soy-corn milk white type (SCMW) and creamy yellow type (SCMY) were prepared from the blend of blanched and dehulled soybean seeds variety TGX-923-4 and grains of fresh green field maize DMRSLR-White and DMRSLR-Yellow, respectively. Soyamilk (SM) was prepared from the slurry of blanched and dehulled soybean seeds while maize milk types were prepared from the mixed slurry of maize grains types and dehulled soybean cotyledons. The three milk types were analyzed for their total solid, total acidity, total carotenoids, relative density and protein content. Changes in the apparent colloidal stability, pH and sensory scores were monitored for 72 h under storage at room temperature (30۫°C), in refrigerator (6۬°C) and freezer (–4۫°C). There were significant variations in the attributes monitored in the milk types. The soy-corn milk types were more stable than the soyamilk under the conditions of storage. As expected, all milk types decomposed at room temperature after 24 h of storage. The maize milk types were generally more acceptable organoleptically than soyamilk. While the sensory scores of all milk types decreased with increasing storage duration in the refrigerator; frozen soy-corn milk types were significantly scored higher than frozen soyamilk, throughout the duration of storage. Implications of the results were discussed in terms of the potentials of the beverages to combat both protein energy malnutrition and vitamin A deficiency (VAD) disease.

Key words: Soy-corn milk, apparent colloidal stability, protein energy malnutrition, carotenoids, vitamin A deficiency.
African Journal of Biotechnology Vol. 4 (8), pp. 847-851

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