Amendment of crude oil contaminated soil with sawdust and chromoleana leaves for optimum plant protection

  • US Offor
  • LA Akonye
Keywords: oil contamination, soil amendments, Bioremediation and plants growth


A study on the effectiveness of sawdust and chromoleana leaves as soil restorative measures to optimize plant growth at two intensities of crude oil contamination showed that both restore parity on the growth parameters (leaf area, leaf ratio, relative leaf growth rate, relative growth rate, and net
assimilation rate) of crops tested compared to control. However, chromoleana leaves was found to be more effective than sawdust. The test crops Zea mays and Vigna unguiculata differed with respect to their response to amendments applied. V. unguiculata showed better response than Z. mays in most of
the parameters tested

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eISSN: 1684-5315