Production, characterization and application of banana (Musa spp) flour in whole maize

  • B Daramola
  • SA Osanyinlusi
Keywords: Mature green, banana flour, pasting properties, organoleptic attributes


Pasting properties of flour from six varieties of matured green banana (Musa spp) fruits identified as Gross michel (GM), Dwarf Cavendish (DC), Cavendish (CA), Lacatan (LA), Poyo (PO) and Red skin (RS) were determined. Flour of CA, used in formulation of banana–whole maize meal was assessed organoleptically for binding and mouth feels qualities. Peak viscosity ranged from 434.75 – 837.17 RVU; break down viscosity, 115.42 – 487.92 RVU; final viscosity, 355.00 – 504.92 RVU; set back viscosity, 70.17 – 426.25 RVU; gelatinization time, 3.94 – 4.56 min; and gelatinization temperature, 64.35 – 67.55°C. Statistical analysis (P = 0.05) of sensory scores of different formulations of flour-whole maize meal showed an improvement of binding property and mouth feel of the composite food product. This simple method of processing banana, its pasting profile and application in food product reported in this study will serve as a means of utilization and extension of shelf life of mature banana fruits

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eISSN: 1684-5315