Chemical composition of Hyptis suaveolens and Ocimum gratissimum hybrids from Nigeria

  • HO Edeoga
  • G Omosun
  • LC Uche
Keywords: Phytochemical, Hyptis suaveolens, Ocimum gratissimum hybrids


Four medicinal plants belonging to the family Lamiaceae were chemically screened for their chemical constituents including alkaloids, tannins, saponins, flavonoids and phenols. The medicinal plants investigated were Hyptis suaveloens and three putative hybrids of Ocimum gratissimum (Hybrid A, B and C). All the plants contains high percentage yield of crude alkaloids and flavonoids ranging from 10.44 to 14.32% and 9.28 to 12.54%, respectively. Only H. suaveloens is devoid of saponins. Tannins
and phenols were present in all plants. The nutritional values of the phytochemicals were also assessed with a view of establishing and understanding their nutritional uses. The plants contained crude protein
(9.19 to 17.94%), crude fibre (4.88 to 9.04%), ash (5.68 to 6.88%), carbohydrate (66.24 to 75.87%), crude lipid (3.48 to 4.90%) and food energy (357.68 to 373.26 mg/cal). The significance of the plants in traditional medicine and the importance of the chemical constituents in the pharmaceutical industries were discussed

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eISSN: 1684-5315