Seperation, identification and analysis of pigment (melanin) production in Streptomyces

  • SG Dastager
  • WJ Li
  • A Dayanand
  • S-K Tang
  • X-P Tian
  • X-Y Zhi
  • L-H Xu
  • C-L Jiang
Keywords: Pigment, melanin, Streptomyeces, taxonomy


Nine strains among 180 Streptomyces isolates produce a diffusible dark brown pigment on both peptone-yeast extract agar and synthetic tyrosine-agar. They also show the positive reaction to Ltyrosine or L-dopa substrates. The pigment has been referred to be as merely as dark brown watersoluble
pigment, as melanoid or melanin. The different carbon and nitrogen sources which influence the pigment production in the Streptomyces isolates were also investigated, and the carotenoid content in the pigment was analyzed. The melanin formation in the Streptomyces species is the key feature for the classification of the Stretomyces group

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1684-5315