The effect of different nutrient sources on biomass production of Lepiota procera in submerged liquid cultures

  • JS Gbolagade
Keywords: Biomass, Lepiota procera, nutrients, submerged culture


The effect of various organic, inorganic and complex compounds on the biomass production (mycelial dry weight) of Lepiota procera, a Nigerian edible higher fungus was investigated. Among the seventeen carbon compounds tested, mannose enhanced the best biomass yield. This was followed in order by glucose, raffinose and fructose (P>0.01) while Myo-inositol, sucrose and dextrin were the least stimulatory. Of all the twenty-one nitrogen sources used, D-alanine was the most utilizable. Moderate biomass yield was also supported by yeast extract and peptone while the least biomass production was recorded with D-cysteine and sodium nitrate. The carbon/nitrogen ratio that sustained the best biomass yield was 4:1 while the least utilized ratios were 2:5 and 3:5 respectively. Magnesium and calcium were the best macronutrients. Likewise, trace elements (Mn and Zn) stimulated very good mycelial growth

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eISSN: 1684-5315