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Studies on bacterial flora and biological control agent of <i>Cydia pomonella</i> L. (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae)

Ö Ertürk
Z Demirbag


In the present study, in order to find a more effective and safe biological control agent against Cydia pomonella, we investigated the bacterial flora and tested them for insecticidal effects on this insect. According to morphological, physiological and biochemical tests, bacterial flora were identified as Proteus rettgeri (Cp1), Eschericia coli (Cp2), Pseudomonas stutzeri (Cp3), Pseudomonas aeroginosa (Cp4), Bacillus laterosporus (Cp5), Micrococcus sp. (Cp6), Proteus vulgaris (Cp7) and Deinococcus sp. (Cp8). Insecticidal effects of bacterial isolates were performed on larvae C. pomonella. The highest insecticidal effect determined was 65 % by Bacillus laterosporus within eight days. The insecticidal effects of the other isolates (Cp1, Cp2, Cp3, Cp4, Cp6, Cp7 and Cp8 ) we determined as 22, 19, 25, 60, 20, 57 and 17% within the same period, respectively. No mortality was detected on control groups.

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eISSN: 1684-5315