Transfer zone behaviour of As(III), Co(II) and Mn(II) ions on sulphur-hydryl infused cellulose surface

  • AA Abia
  • OB Didi
Keywords: Adsorption, heavy metals, cassava fiber, penetrant transport, strive.


Penetrant transport phenomenon was applied to determine the strive of As(III), Co(II) and Mn(II) ions across the adsorbate/cellulose interface. Penetrant-n and K values calculated for the metals on differentially thiolated (mercaptoacetic acid treated) cellulose surfaces were highest for As(III) at UCF-n, K (3.1278, 0.3064), 0.5MF-n, K (2.4248, 0.4716) and 1.0MF-n, K (1.9136, 0.4885). For Co(II), n and K values were UCF (2.8608, 0.3220), 0.5MF (1.6791, 0.5351), 1.0MF (0.9348, 0.6952). For Mn(II), n and K values were UCF (1.2717, 0.6268), 0.5MF (1.1114, 0.6639), 1.0MF (0.5833, 0.7707). As(III) strive depicts 30%
adsorption against the non-cationic moieties it generates in a partially electrical double layered adsorption system.

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eISSN: 1684-5315