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Effects of <i>Persea americana</i> leaf extracts on body weight and liver lipids in rats fed hyperlipidaemic diet

BIC Brai
AA Odetola
PU Agomo


The effects of aqueous and methanolic leaf extracts of Persea americana on body weight and liver lipids in rats were studied. Male albino rats were fed a modified diet containing 0.5% cholesterol and
0.25% cholic acid to provoke hyperlipidaemia. The hyperlipidaemic rats were given 10 mg/kg body weight of either aqueous or methanolic extract of P. americana leaf daily for 8 weeks. There were no
significant differences (p>0.05) in the overall body weight gain of the hyperlipidaemic rats compared to normal control. However, the administration of the aqueous and methanolic extracts provoked 14 and
25% reduction, respectively, in the body weight gain of the treated rats compared to the hyperlipidaemic control. Mean liver weights were markedly increased (p<0.05) in rats fed hyperlipidaemic diet (groups B, C and D: 70, 69 and 57%, respectively) compared to normal control rats. The methanolic extract provoked a minimal (8%) decrease in mean liver weight compared to the hyperlipidaemic control rats. It can be hypothesized that P. americana leaf extracts increase catabolism
of lipids accumulated in adipose tissue causing a decrease in body weight but does not influence liver lipid levels in rats.