Effects of Aspergillus niger treated Shea butter cake based diets on nutrient intake and weight gain of Red Sokoto goat

  • MA Belewu
  • AA Yahaya
Keywords: Feed intake, digestibility coefficient, weight gain, red Sokoto goats.


Effects of feed intake, weight gain and digestibility when growing Red Sokoto goats consuming Aspergillus niger treated and untreated shea-butter cake (SBC) were determined. Twenty five Red
Sokoto goats in a completely randomized design model with 56 d periods consumed diet A (control, without SBC), B (15% Aspergillus treated SBC), C (15% untreated SBC), D (7.5% Aspergillus treated
SBC) and E (7.5% untreated SBC). Total DMI rose (P < 0.05) with Aspergillus treated diets (B and D) than the untreated diets (C and E). The trend was similar for the rest of the variables (CPI and EEI) except for the crude fibre intake which did not show a specific trend. Dry matter digestibility for the control diet (A) was the lowest than any of the other diets while the highest dry matter digestibility was recorded for
diet D. For the untreated SBC diets (C and E) versus Aspergillus treated diets (B and D), crude fibre digestibility, crude protein digestibility and ether extract digestibility were lower for the untreated diets C and E. Liveweight gain was greatest (P < 0.05) for the control diet (A), greater (P < 0.05) for Aspergillus treated diets (B and D) than for the untreated diets (C and E) and tended to be (P < 0.05)
great for 15% fungus untreated SBC than for diet E (7.5% fungus untreated SBC). Up to 15% of complete diet for Red Sokoto goats can be composed of Aspergillus treated SBC with little or no
reduction in feed intake, weight gain or digestibility coefficient.

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eISSN: 1684-5315