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Allelopathic effects of Juglone and decomposed walnut leaf juice on muskmelon and cucumber seed germination and seedling growth

I Terzi


In this study, effects of juglone and decomposed walnut leaf juice on muskmelon (Cucumis melo cv. Galia) and cucumber (Cucumis sativus cv. Beith Alpha) seed germination percentage and postgermination
seedling growth were investigated. Decomposition was carried out by keeping the leaves in distilled water. Muskmelon and cucumber seeds were germinated in Petri dishes at 25°C. Seed germination, seedling elongation and weights were determined at day 10. No significant effect of juglone and decomposed walnut leaf juice on muskmelon seed germination percentage was observed. However, germination of cucumber seed was inhibited significantly. It was found that while both the dry weight root and stems elongation of muskmelon and cucumber seedlings were affected negatively by juglone and undiluted decomposed walnut leaf juices. The negative effect decreased as dilution ratios of decomposed leaf juice increased.

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