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Optimization of fermentation conditions for red pigment production from <I>Penicillium sp</I>. under submerged cultivation

S Gunasekaran
R Poorniammal


An extracellular pigment-producing ascomycetous filamentous fungi belonging to the genera Penicillium was obtained from soil and its optimal culture conditions investigated. The optimal culture conditions for pigment production were as follows; soluble starch 2% (670 units), peptone (880 units), pH 9.0 (900 units); temperature 30°C (950 units), agitation 200 rpm (920 units), and inoculums age 4 days (850 units). The properties of pigments and their residual content after exposing to the various
physico-chemical conditions like sunlight, fluorescent light, UV light, high temperature and preservatives (sodium bisulfate, ascorbic acid and citric acid) are also investigated.