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Antioxidant properties of methanolic extracts of mistletoes (<i>Viscum album</i>) from cocoa and cashew trees in Nigeria

AA Oluwaseun
O Ganiyu


Methanolic extracts of Viscum album leaves from two hosts (cocoa and cashew trees) were subjected to antioxidant assay. V. album from cocoa tree had higher total phenol content (182 mg/100 g) as against that of cashew tree (160 mg/100 g). The result of the study also revealed that the ferric reducing ability, free radical scavenging ability as well as the Fe2+ chelation of the extracts were all dosedependent (0 – 1.0 mg/ml). V. album from cocoa tree had significantly higher ferric reducing and free radical scavenging ability than that from cashew tree, while V. album from cashew tree had significant higher Fe2+ chelating ability than V. album from cocoa tree. Although both methanolic extracts showed promise as a good antioxidant source, the total phenol content and the antioxidant capacity pattern of the two extracts suggest host dependency while the possible antioxidant mechanism of action is by reducing ability, free radical scavenging ability and chelation of Fe2+, a major catalyst in lipid peroxidation.

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eISSN: 1684-5315