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Hatchability of chicken eggs as influenced by turning frequency in hurricane lantern incubator

SS Abiola, AO Afolabi, OJ Dosunmu


An experiment was conducted to determine the influence of turning frequency of chicken eggs on hatchability in hurricane lantern incubator. There were four treatments in which eggs were not turned in
treatment one (control), those in treatment two were turned once daily (morning), treatment three turned twice daily (morning and afternoon) while treatment four were turned thrice daily (morning, afternoon
and evening). A range of 9.86 - 11.51% egg weight loss was obtained with the lowest value of 9.86% recorded in the control experiment. Egg turning three times daily produced highest hatchability of 72.90%. Embryonic mortality occurred in all the treatments. Early embryonic mortality (DIG) was highest (70.85%) in treatment two while late embryonic mortality (DIS) was highest (66.65%) in treatment three.
Hatching occurred in the three zones of the egg. Most of the chicks hatched from the equatorial region while few ones hatched from the narrow end of the egg. Manual turning of eggs three times a day is
recommended for hurricane lantern incubator in order to enhance minimal egg weight loss and higher hatchability of chicks. Such incubator could be used for hatching eggs of domestic fowls, turkeys,
ducks, etc thereby taking hatchery operations to the door- steps of small-scale poultry farmers.

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