Effects of different planting dates on improving yield of Fritillaria imperialis L. and Fritillaria persica L. bulbs damaged by small narcissus fly (Eumerus strigatus Fallen)

  • S Kizil
  • N Arslan
  • S Ölmez-Bayhan
  • KM Khawar
Keywords: Fritillaria persica, F. imperialis, planting time, agronomic properties, small narcissus fly.


Fritillaria imperialis and F. persica were planted during April 2003 and May 2004 growing seasons on the basis of split block design with three replications to investigate the effects of planting dates on various plant parameters and extent of recovery by planting 25% damaged bulbs. The results showed significant effects of planting dates on plant height, number of bulbs per plant and infected bulb ratio. A comparison of the two species showed that F. persica gave more bulblets than F. imperialis. A general
comparison of the two species also showed that damaged bulbs of F. imperialis produced lesser yield compared to F. persica. Furthermore, both species gave more number of bulblets from early and mid September plantings compared to early and mid October plantings. The most suitable date of planting was determined as September 1st and 15th.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1684-5315