A review on the molecular mechanism of plants rooting modulated by auxin

  • H Han
  • S Zhang
  • X Sun
Keywords: Auxin, molecular mechanism, genomics, proteomics, rooting


Adventitious root formation is a key step in vegetative propagation of woody or horticul-tural species, and it is a complex process known to be affected by multiple factors. The process of roots development
could be divided into three stages: root induction, root initiation, and root protrusion. Phytohormones, especially auxin, played an essential role in regulating roots developments. This review focused on recent advances in the research of plants rooting genomics and proteomics, including auxin
biosynthesis, metabolism, transport, and signaling pathway which are involved in modulating plants rooting and the significances of proteomics on research the differences of rooting ability.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1684-5315