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Endophytic fungi from Dracaena cambodiana and Aquilaria sinensis and their antimicrobial activity

L Gong, S Guo


Single mycelium method was used to isolate endophytic fungi from surface-sterilized tissues of two medicinal plants. Of the 300 isolates recovered, 172 were from Dracaena cambodiana and 128 from Aquilaria sinensis. According to morphological characteristics, 174 (58%) isolates were identified and belonged to 41 taxa in 30 genera. The remaining 126 (42%) isolates did not sporulate and were segregated into 8 morphological groups. There were colonization rates (34 - 80%) and isolation rates (0.62 - 2.06) in two plants. And some endophytes showed certain level of host specificity or organs specificity. 21 (8.3%) isolates showed antimicrobial activity, moreover, some of them exhibited broadspectrum antimicrobial activity and the inhibition zones ranged from 7 to 27 mm. The active isolates were identified to 17 taxa. Fusarium spp. were the most dominant genera in two plants and showed the most potent antimicrobial activity.

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